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Our names are Robert & Ruth and we have just had our fourth litter of cocker spaniel pups, the reason we have got into breeding is that we bought casey our golden little girl who is now a great grandma eight years ago and she is such a happy, gentle, loving dog she has become such a part of our daily lives that we wanted another cocker spaniel just like her,. so we now have three

In the beginning we decided that if we were going to have a litter of pups we would do it properly, so we have had Casey Optigen tested for PRA which she is a carrier, Antgene tested for FN for which is has tested FN1 clear and BMA tested for Glucoma which she has tested clear for.

After giving it some thought we also decided to have our own kennel name which we decided would be Annaru, the name is from the christian name's of our little niece whose name is anna and the ru is the first two letters of ruths name. We also registerd as a breeder with the kennel club,we did this because we feel it is very important to breed happy, fully health tested, cockers with lovely temperaments that have been bred in our own home as part of our family.

I hope that this gives you as insight as to who we are and why we want to breed cocker spaniels, if you want or need any information we would be glad to help you at any time by phone or email.

We have no pups at present

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